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Pench Safari Booking

Safari Booking In Pench National Park

Savour the wildlife excursion in the mesmerising surroundings of Pench National Park with advance online safari booking in Pench. For a flawless, ultimate, unforgettable and exhilarating wildlife encounter activities and much more, the wild jungle safari is the best way. So, take benefit of online safari booking in Pench National Park and delight in the ecstasy on meeting the endangered wild species of this park including Royal Bengal Tiger, deers, elusive leopards and much more. During this safari in Pench, you can encounter with a variety of migratory as well as residential birds that will add charm and excitement in your journey.
Designed for just 3 days and 2 nights, this trip is quite enough to witness the beauty of wildlife of Pench National park and now, browse through the entire tour itinerary of our Pench Weekend tour package and see how you are going to spend your thrilling weekend during this trip.

The experience of Pench National Park visit will be partial if you do not get a chance to live close to the forest for some time. So, just think of the time when you breath in a jungle resort or a comfortable tent in the thick forest area of Pench National park and wake up with the sweet chirping sound of birds and the exciting calls of wild animals like langoors and deer alarm you to wake up in the morning. Therefore, if you are too excited to experience all these aspects of wilderness, then it is the right time to add online safari booking in your current bucket list and get set go for a thrilling tour in Pench National Park.

Timings & Booking Procedure of Online Safari InPench National Park –

To book safari in Pench National Park, visitors have option for online safari booking via both states – Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh Pench National Park portals. For tourists, morning and evening jungle safari are available to book. The timing for safaris change according to the sunrise and sunset in different seasons.

Safari Charges and Timings in Pench National Park

In order to promote better tourism and enhance visibility of wildlife species the entire area of the park has been segregated into different tourism zones. Here we list safari charges with duration of the safari in particular zones which would really help tourist before coming to Pench National Park.

Safari Rates & Zones In Pench:

Safari Shifts Entry Gate Charges per Jeep Safari Duration
Morning – 5:30 AM to 9:30 AM Touria Zone 5800/- 04:00 Hours
Afternoon – 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM Karmazhiri Zone 5800/- 04:00 Hours
Night Safari – 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM Wolf of Sanctuary 5800/- 03:00 Hours

Safari Timings

Morning Jeep Safari Time – 6 AM to 11 AM (Visitors entry permitted till 8 AM)

Afternoon Jeep Safari Time – 3 PM to 6 PM (Visitors entry permitted till 4:30 PM)

In Pench National Park, each gate of the park provides permit for jungle safari to the respective area of that certain zone and no outside vehicle is permitted to be interchanged in the zone during safari. For safari vehicle, entry as well as exit gate will be same. The charges for safari vehicle will be separated and each visitor has to pay it differently.

No tourist is allowed to get down the safari vehicle during the jungle safari excursion in Pench National Park. There are certain set of regulations for tiger safari in Pench and the guide who assist visitors during safari is perfectly aware of all rules. Each visitor is obliged to obey the rules during the jungle safari.

While entering from the gate in Pench National Park, visitors should furnish a valid ID card like driving license, passport, pan card, voter card etc. If there is a foreigner visitor, the copy of passport and original passport has to be furnished during the entry in the park.

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