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How To Reach Pench National Park

How To Reach Pench National Park

The Pench National Park and famous Tiger Reserve in India is easily accessible by all three modes of transportation. It is most easily reachable wildlife destination in country. Strategically situated in the Southern Border of Maharashtra and the Borders of Madhya Pradesh, this amazing wildlife destination is visited by a huge number of wildlife enthusiasts round the year.

Reaching Pench by Air:If you choose air mode of travelling to reach Pench National Park then Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport - situated in Nagpur and Jabalpur Airport are the two major options for getting there. The first one is located at a distance of 130 kilometer from the park and considered as most easy way to reach. It can be used by both domestic as well as international travelers. The second one is located at a distance of 213 kilometer from the park and can be used by domestic flyers only. Private taxis and buses are easily available for onward journey.

Reaching Pench by Bus:When we discuss reaching Pench via surface, then Seoni which is a part of Madhya Pradesh is the best way to reach the Pench National Park. The city has good network of road and is well connected to nearby places in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Private Taxis are also a good idea to reach Pench as the park is located on the Nagpur-Jabalpur highway which is easily accessible.

Reaching Pench by Train:Seoni Railway station which is situated in Madhya Pradesh is the nearest rail junction to Pench and it is located at a distance of around 72 kilometers from the park. It receives trains from major cities of country. Jabalpur railway station serves as the other best option to reach Pench and is situate at a distance of 205 km.

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