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Forest Lodges & Rest Houses stay inside the deep forest of Jim Corbett National Park a stay in the wilderness close


Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett National Park, A perfect holiday can be described as one that is spent amidst nature which is filled with calmness and serenity...

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Tourism zones in Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve)

Tourism zones in Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve), Online Booking & Reservation, JimCorbettNationalParkOnline.com
For better tourism management and convenience of visitors Jim Jim Corbett National Park has been divided into five tourism zones each Having separate entry gate.

Tourism zone

Entry Gate

Dhikala Dhangari
Jhirna Khara,Kalagarh
Bijrani Amadanda
Sonanadi Vatanvasa
Domunda Durgadevi

FOREST REST HOUSES IN Jim Corbett National Park

Rest Houses in Dhikala Zone, Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve)

Dhikala: Dhikala is the most well known of the destinations in Corbett. It is Located at the edge of the broad Patli Dun valley through which the Ramganga flows in numerous channels. Dhikala offers an awesome Uninterrupted panoramic view of the valley, with the Kanda ridge in the Backdrop. This sight appears all the more imposing from the watchtower Near Dhikala. The Tourist Complex overlooks Dhikala chaur (one of the Largest remaining grasslands of the Park) and Phulai chaur. A drive Through the numerous trails through chaurs is rewarded with sightings of Wild elephants, chital, hog deer and numerous grassland bird species And Raptors. The old rest house at Dhikala is a historic structure, Having been built over a hundred years ago.

Sarapduli: This rest house lies on the Dhangarhi-Dhikala road. It is located Downstream of Gairal on the flat southern bank of the Ramganga while the Opposite northern bank rises steeply to a ridge. Movement of large Mammals (tiger, elephant included) are quite high at Sarapduli. It is Also a good place to see crocodiles and also good for birdwatching.

Sultan: The sultan is the first rest house during the drive from Dhangarhi to Dhikala. It is named after the Sultan Sot, the seasonal stream running Through that area. It typifies the dense forest area and is located in one Of the best stretches in the Park.

Gairal: This rest house is reached by a short detour off the Dhangarhi-Dhikala Main forest road. It lies on the banks of the Ramganga near the place Where it first enters the Park. At Gairal the Ramganga portrays a Different character than it does in places downstream (like Dhikala). Here, it is a crystal-clear, fast-flowing mountain river flowing through Scenic forests. Being out of the way, Gairal presents ideal conditions For viewing wildlife and birds in tranquillity.

Khinnanauli: Located in the middle of Khinnanauli chaur, this rest house is an Excellent tiger territory. It is one of the most recently built rest Houses of Corbett. Its strategic location provides an easy getaway to Various parts of the Park.

Kanda: Kanda lies In the northern part of the Park flanking the Himalayas. It is the Highest rest house in the Park at about 1100 m. Due to its elevation one Can get a bird's-eye view of the Park and the Ramganga valley below. While most of Corbett has a Shiwalik type of vegetation and topography, The forests at Kanda show characteristics that are Himalayan. The fauna Also is typically Himalayan, with mammals like goral, Himalayan black Bear and leopards occurring here. Although the road to Kanda is bumpy And narrow the surroundings are extremely serene. 

Rest Houses in Bijrani Zone, Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve)

Malani: This rest house lies 12 km due northwest of Bijrani. Located on the Edge of the core zone of the Park, Malani has offered one of the most Picturesque surroundings and solitude. The drive up to Malani is quite Rewarding in mammal and bird sightings. 

Bijrani: The area in and around Bijrani once formed part of a shooting block. During the British period it was much famed for the quality of the game Hunting that it offered to shikaris. In comparison to Dhikala, the The terrain at Bijrani is drier and also has more diverse vegetation. 

Rest House in Jhirna Zone, Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve)

Jhirna: This rest house lies just inside the southern boundary of the Park. The The rest house lies on the road from Ramnagar to Kalagarh that runs in an East-west direction through the Park. The landscape is drier than in Dhikala and vegetation is mostly scrub. Jhirna was a farming village Until 1994 when it was successfully relocated under Project Tiger. The Abandoned farmland is gradually reverting to a wild state and is being Managed to develop grassland habitat. The nearby terrain consists of Numerous sots and narrow gorges running through typically Shiwalik Landscape. The hills to the north of Jhirna are covered with dense Patches of bamboo. Apart from being a good habitat for tiger, leopard And deer, the place host other interesting mammals like sloth bear and Wild boar. A variety of birds can also be enjoyed here. 

Rest Houses in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Jim Corbett National Park (Corbett Tiger Reserve) 

Lohachaur: This rest house is located in the northern part of Corbett Tiger Reserve in the RF buffer area. It lies on the banks of the river Mandal Upstream of its confluence with the Ramganga. The access is from Durga Devi gate.

Rathuadhab: Located in the north Buffer, Rathuadhab lies on the forest road connecting Durga Devi in the East and Vatanvasa towards the west. It is a favored spot for Elephants.

Halduparao: The rest house, which Was built about a hundred years ago, is located between the Palain  and Sonanadi rivers a short distance before they drain into the Ramganga Reservoir. It lies under the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and is known For its quiet, peaceful surroundings. Halduparao is a good place to Watch wild elephants from close quarters during the summer.      

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